Knowledge is power!

We love sharing the story of what makes a diamond brilliant.  We feel that the more you know about these beautiful stones, the more satisfied you will be with your selection.  Since Friedman's Fine Jewelry is known for the best selection of diamonds on the gulf coast, we feel that you should have the best information at hand when you are shopping for the perfect stone for your perfect match.  For us, that knowledge begins and ends with the GIA.

Around the world, the Gemological Institute of America is known as the foremost authority on gemological research and education.  The GIA also operates the single-most respected and reliable laboratory for diamond and gemstone grading.  We encourage you to become familiar with the 4Cs of diamond grading through the GIA's education website here.  Then visit our knowledgeable staff that includes GIA certified gemologists with your list of questions.  We look forward to helping you navigate the brilliant world of diamonds and gemstones.